FORS pricing revealed ahead of national roll out

Published: 04 February 2015

FORS pricing revealed ahead of national roll out

Details of a new pricing structure for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) has been released by the FORS community Project (FCP) ahead of the national roll out of the truck safety scheme.

The FCP will be taking over the FORS from TfL later in the month. The FCP comprises of Aecom, the CILT and Fleet Source and will be taking over the FORS from TfL who recently decided that the operation had ‘grown beyond its remit’ with plans to roll out the scheme across the UK.

The operators who are already FORS accredited the FCP has confirmed that there will be a charge for annual renewal. This charge may be waived or reduced depending on the individual operator’s renewal date.

From 17th February new operators to the scheme will have to pay, annual registration starts from £65 for owner drivers with one vehicle, plus the cost of an annual audit, rising in increments to £2250 for haulage companies with more than 100 trucks.

Companies with their own internal audit capability can be approved to certify their own depots to the FORS standard.

Existing FORS accredited operator’s annual renewal figures will be as follows:

Renewal date between 30th January and 1st March – Will not be charged an annual subscription or audit fee (excluding follow up audits).

Renewal date between 2nd March and 31st March – Will receive one operating centre audit free of charge and be charged for any additional audits and follow-up audits. They will either pay no annual fee if their total fleet size is under 11 vehicles or will receive a £350 discount on the annual fee if over 10 fleet vehicles.

Renewal date between 1st April and 30th January 2016 – Will be charged a reduced fee for annual subscription and audits excluding follow-up audits.

For companies who have registered with FORS before 17th February who have yet to be audited will not have to pay an annual fee this year however they will have to pay for any audits they have booked and had confirmed by 30th January 2015.

Steve Agg FCILT, Chief Executive, CILT has said “The FORS Community Partnership has established a fair and sustainable pricing structure to ensure that all fleet operators are encouraged to join the award-winning scheme. We recognise the importance of developing a national benchmark for all and have demonstrated our commitment to professional development in ensuring that all operators have access to FORS.”

FCP concession director, John Hix, comments ‘’TfL has fully funded FORS for the past seven years and established the scheme as a benchmark standard for the industry’’

‘’The scheme is now being offered across the UK and a funding model has been created to facilitate the continuing growth of the scheme to improve and develop the benefits it offers whilst becoming financially sustainable.’’


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