Forth Ports: Are we ready for Brexit?

Published: 01 May 2020

Forth Ports: Are we ready for Brexit?
While COVID-19 has disturbed progress in many fronts, for many industries. One thing we still face uncertainty on overall, is the implications that Coronavirus could have on our expected departure period for Brexit. It is likely there will be consequences for some businesses even more so in light of Brexit and the COVID outbreak. However, speaking on the matter directly, Forth Ports (who manage the Port of TIlbury as well as many others across the UK) say they are ready for Brexit.
This development has a major impact on the city of London post-Brexit, along with all over the UK in terms of management of businesses and how easy it will be to overcome particular areas where the UK economy could struggle in light of Brexit. However, the good news is that Forth Ports have prepared for the day the UK's transition from the EU officially ends and we will no longer be a member of the European Union.
One factor in this, involves the development of the newest terminal in Greater London - Tilbury 2. Which is set to conclude its construction later this year. This will increase the amount of goods as well as ships able to be taken into the port of TIlbury at once by a significant rate. Should TIlbury 2 prove to be a success, many other storage facilities could wish to follow the structure.
London has been a center of international trade for centuries, this won't change in the coming years. London has only ever continued to grow, meaning this extent of trade in the city now reaches as far as Thurrock, proving to be essential to the UK's economy.

Originally the site of Tilbury Power Station, the new site will be (literally) the first port of call for not only hauliers in the city, but also for thousands of ships that travel in and out of the Thames RIver every single year. With goods of all sorts, including wines and dairy, with more and more consumables and supermarket goods moving in and out of the port every year.
Tilbury2 was part of an £8 billion investment programme, expected to ensure the movement of goods is maintained at a flexible rate and that transporters will be facilitated appropriately meaning there is enough space for each and every driver to rest - as currently in the area along with many other locations, drivers often struggle to find a place to rest up for the night. Due to this, Tilbury2 could be a new opportunity not only for drivers, but for site developers to recognise the importance of having enough rest stops for owner drivers, hauliers and any other logistics manager looking to transport back loads across the UK.
While there are many obstacles in the coming months, Forth Ports are certain they are prepared for the supply-and-demand that could come. If TIlbury2 proves to be a success, it is likely many other ports will want to take on similar projects to match up to the new standards the port could set. Despite the difficult times the country faces, there is an opportunity for the UK to mark itself on the map not only for European haulage, but for worldwide logistics.
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