FTA host event to tackle labour shortage

Published: 09 September 2019

FTA host event to tackle labour shortage
Long delays are expected by over 35% of logistics firms over the next year, according to results from a survey carried out by the FTA – with the labour shortage expected to reach a critical point.

The FTA are launching a single-day event, named The Labour Shortages Conference. The conference has been sponsored by Manpower. The event is set to prepare firms for the knowledge, tools and facilities that will be needed to recruit and retrain potential staff for new roles.

The conference is set to take place in Birmingham on Tuesday the 29th of October, being hosted by a wide range of expert speakers and industry advisors, offering solutions and strategies to support firms that will need to overcome the concerns they face in the coming months. Approached include: effectively engaging with local communities, developing relevant recruitment campaigns and handling social media strategies.

Head of Skills Campaigns at the FTA, Sally Gilson, spoke on the matter: “The nationwide shortage of skilled staff presents a serious challenge to logistics businesses; significant shortfalls of HGV drivers, warehouse staff, fitters, technicians and mechanics are all anticipated to continue in the next 12 months, which could be exacerbated by the loss of EU nationals from the UK after Brexit. Between an aging workforce, competition for skilled staff and shifting migration patterns, the sector is facing serious obstacles in the recruitment and retention of staff; FTA’s Labour Shortages Conference will arm companies with the practical knowledge and tools they need to face these challenges head on.”

Manpower Group’s operations director, Jason Greaves, said: “We’re very pleased to support this event that addresses such a critical issue at such an important time. As one of the largest and most established employment companies in the sector we’ve first-hand experience over many years of what the talent shortage means to the industry and in helping clients overcome this. I look forward to sharing some of the steps we have taken such as through our newly launched Driver Academy and also our schools outreach programmes – initiatives that help promote the sector to the next generation and provide a source of qualified drivers. But I am also really looking forward to learning how others are addressing these challenges.”

This event comes at a critical point for businesses in Britain, as the UK is due to depart the EU a few days following the conference, on October 31st. Many industry members attending the event hope that some of their concerns in regards to this can be addressed by industry experts to have some expectation of what is to come next.
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