FTA publishes 51st Yearbook of Road Transport Law

Published: 11 January 2013

FTA publishes 51st Yearbook of Road Transport Law
The Freight Transport Association has published the 51st edition of its much respected Yearbook of Road Transport Law, the indispensable guide to road transport legislation, which is sponsored by Shell. The Yearbook is designed to keep operators fully aware of all aspects of road transport legislation, is presented in a clear and concise way, and also includes information on other relevant areas, such as employment and health and safety.
The 2013 edition, written and compiled by FTA's team of transport legislation experts, is updated with recent changes to road transport law, such as new operator licensing rules, driver licensing, weights and dimensions, construction and use, traffic regulations and the latest amendments to the OCRS rules.
One free Yearbook is delivered to every FTA member during January.
SOURCE: fta.co.uk
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