FTA respond to Deputy PM Speech

Published: 11 February 2020

FTA respond to Deputy PM Speech
The Deputy Prime Minister delivered a speech last week, claiming firms that trade within Europe should be ready for “significant change” with “inevitable” checks and searches for “almost everybody.” Which will impact the trading routes on an international scale for firms who operate in and outside of the UK.

The FTA was relieved to hear the government finally directly addressing some of the obstacles firms can expect to face in the wake of Brexit. Speaking on the Deputy PM’s speech, FTA UK Policy director stated:  “Today’s announcements about the UK’s future relationship with Europe provide more much-needed clarity for logistics operators, and his assertion that there will be no extension to the transition period gives businesses a finite deadline to which to work.  The news of funding to help industry prepare for operation outside the EU is certainly welcome, whatever the outcome of the negotiations.

“Mr Gove put to rest Sajiv Javid’s assertion that industry had plenty of time to prepare.  It is encouraging for industry that he said he does not underestimate what needs to be done and that he has his civil servants focussed on capturing and providing industry with the details we need, we hope within the timeframes we need to prepare.

“As representatives of the logistics industry, we are naturally disappointed that the promise of frictionless trade has been replaced with a promise that trade will be as seamless as possible but not until 2025, with a more realistic but costly “make do and mend” approach to be employed until then.  Industry will need the support of government during this period to Keep Britain Trading effectively.”

If the UK is to continue to grow and thrive following Brexit, efficient and consistent logistics and trade for the nation has a very important role to play. As of yet, there is still much uncertainty as to what some of the implications could be for hauliers, but the simple statement of “prepare for significant change” is a step in the right direction to break through the clear communication barrier between the Government and hauliers eagerly awaiting to hear what kind of changes should be expected.
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