Published: 20 December 2013


ReturnLoads.net can confirm that the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has questioned London Councils’ reluctance to consider changes to night-time deliveries restrictions

London's 32 boroughs that make-up the Councils body, and operate the London Lorry Control Scheme, are consulting on making the side guards and extra mirrors a requirement for operation in London, but are not proposing changes to curfews.

The Chair of London Councils Transport and Environment Committee, Councillor Catherine West said, “Although the London Lorry Control Scheme only operates overnight and at weekends, the benefits of using it to implement cycling safety measures would be far greater as the lorries are used at other times too – very few such vehicles operate only during the day time in the week.”

The FTA thinks London Councils should look at reforming the legislation on night-time deliveries.

Christopher Snelling, Head of Urban Logistics and Regional Policy at the FTA, said, “The best thing London Councils could do for cycling safety is to reform the Control Scheme’s night-time restrictions so that quieter HGVs can more easily make deliveries at night.

“This would allow as many lorries as possible to operate outside peak hours when most cyclists are on the roads.

“It seems strange whilst London Councils are talking about banning HGVs from operating during the peak hours, they are not talking about enabling HGVs to operate outside of this time.

“FTA is confused at the rationale for considering HGV movements at peak times. Introducing a restriction at night risks the unintended consequence of some vehicles without the safety features London Councils are mentioning, moving operations into the day time when more cyclists are on the roads.”

Current rules restrict the movements of HGVs over 18 tonnes to ‘balance the need of Londoners to get a good night sleep with those of the freight industry to make deliveries’.

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