FTA welcomes delays on Clean Air Zones in Birmingham and Leeds

Published: 21 June 2019

FTA welcomes delays on Clean Air Zones in Birmingham and Leeds
The FTA has shared their thoughts on a recent statement by Leeds and Birmingham council representatives, who revealed they are set to delay the introduction of Clean Air Zones – clarifying that at the moment it was the only precaution possible and it was morally the best thing to do.

Head of UK Policy at the FTA, Chris Snelling stated: “FTA has also been talking to the Government about these issues and agrees that the cities seem insufficiently prepared to have the necessary systems in place.  You cannot start a regulation without a reliable way to comply with it in place and tested – there is simply too much chance that things launched at the very last minute will go wrong, leading to chaos for HGV and van operators serving these two major cities”

“Whether you support CAZs or not, we can all agree that regulations must have the systems in place to make them work.  Leeds and Birmingham have done the right thing, indeed they are taking the only course of action available to them”

“Government needs to develop these systems ASAP and demonstrate they are reliable and accurate – only then should Councils definitively commit to start dates for any Clean Air Zones.”

While the Government are trying to match the environmental standards set across the globe, questions of the ethics behind their approach is being addressed by members of local councils. Who are also considering the consequences this could have on lorry drivers, firms and the movement of goods across the country. As is the case here, these councils considered the effect the Clean Air Zone would have on trade and have delayed the updated terms in an effort to come up with a better solution for everyone.

The FTA has a vital role to play in ensuring that drivers are being treated equally fair, while many updated guidelines and regulations are changed with the advancements in technology, raises of concerns for the environment as well as addressing the implications of Brexit for hauliers across the country. While the times continue to change, the FTA is supporting truckers to find their place in the new world – moves such as this that benefit hauliers will continue to be endorsed by the FTA.
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