FTA welcomes tyre labelling legislation

Published: 06 November 2012

FTA welcomes tyre labelling legislation
Although the labels will not be mandatory on type C3 tyres (for heavy commercial and PSVs), the information should still be available in another format from tyre manufacturers.
Andy Mair, FTA head of engineering said: “The road transport sector in recent years has seen an increasingly focused approach on tyre selection and maintenance, and commercial fleet managers are well ahead of the game when it comes to specifying tyres for commercial vehicles.
“Larger tyres for the heavy end of the commercial vehicle application, which are defined as C3 class tyres are not required to be fitted with the label, but the required information must be detailed in any technical promotional material.
“The labelling regulations do of course provide valuable like-for-like guidance which will enable buyers to see at a glance the specification of a particular tyre which should help inform purchasing decisions.”
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