Haulage & Construction firm has concerns over Brexit stockpiling

Published: 11 June 2019

Haulage & Construction firm has concerns over Brexit stockpiling
Maxi Group, based in Ayrshire, who operate in haulage and construction has warned members of the industry across the UK that stockpiling for Brexit will have a negative impact on sales and margins within the financial review of 2019.

Speaking on the matter, a representative of Maxi Group described “adverse effects of Brexit anticipation” which lead to many concerns and issues when communicating with their partners in Ireland – who also have similar concerns regarding the position that the outcome of Brexit will leave them in.

 “The need to maintain customer service levels during inefficient, out of balance traffic flows was totally uneconomic,” they said when questioned about the needs and demands firms will be required to meet following Brexit and how it could have an impact for workers on a daily basis.

“We have taken steps to resolve this. This will affect turnover and margin in the current year.”
The firm also went into detail about the national shortage for lorry drivers, which they say should be considered as an ongoing issue for the industry. They claim without further action or initiatives to bring some interest into the role, it could have dire consequences on the industry overall.

Some of the highlights from their construction branch include a refurbishment of Panmure House, Grade A listed Edinburgh city centre building as well as the previous home of Adam Smith, Edinburgh Business School Economist.

Last year, Maxi Group saw great success within the company’s financial performance in 2018. Speaking on the matter, Maxi Group chairman Gerry Atkinson said they were “delighted” with the company’s progress, further elaborating: “Although there are challenges to meet, particularly in the haulage industry, we are on track to achieve our targets for the current financial year”

He continued: “We continue to maintain very healthy balance sheets with cash reserves and no borrowings.  This allows us to sustain our investment programme and finance expansion when opportunities arise. The firm said it had continued to invest heavily in trucks, trailers and facilities, with over £3.5 million spent with an even larger investment planned during this financial year.”

Despite the success Maxi Group has seen, the company has gone on record to express their concerns for the future following Brexit and the implications that could be entailed for haulage across the nation as we know it. 
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