Haulage Company experiences growth despite difficult economy

Published: 06 January 2020

Haulage Company experiences growth despite difficult economy
At Devon-based haulier: Evans Transport, managed huge success in turnover and pre-tax profits: despite the difficult economy currently taking hold of the UK. In addition to the success, they managed to acquire a Welsh firm to extend their branch by the end of the financial year.

The firm was established in 1964 moving bulk, general and specialist haulage service. The Group also have ownership of John Seymour Transport. 

Evans Transport was established in 1964 and offers brick and block, timber, bulk, general and specialist haulage services. The group also includes John Seymour Transport. With pre-tax profit increasing to £1.2 million when compared to £837,628 the year before – the company saw one of the most successful years in its history.

A report was filled and completed to reflect the company’s results from the year, in which the directors stated they were “pleased by the results” elaborating that despite the economy and expanding the group’s services proved to be “challenging” that Evans “continues to operate in a highly competitive market place.”
The report concluded with: "The directors aim to maintain the management policies which have resulted in the company’s substantial growth in recent years. They consider that the next year will show a further growth in sales from continuing operations."

Evans operates all across the UK, including branches in Launceston, Exeter, Kent, Barnsley and Sittingbourne. If Evans Transport continues their success, there is only ever more potential for the company to grow in the coming years.

Evans Transport is a great example of how a transport company can continue to thrive, even in the current economic climate along with tackling all of their competitors across the country. Other members of the industry could do with some answers on how to operate and replicate similar success to overcome the economic turmoil within the UK for business owners.
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