Heinekin plans to stock up on beer in the country before Brexit

Published: 12 November 2018

Heinekin plans to stock up on beer in the country before Brexit
Partnering up with Wincanton who are providing the extra storage in their warehouses, Heineken will be prepared for Brexit, even in the awkward case of no-deal, which would make trade between the EU and UK more challenging. Storing in bulk volumes, this latest order should have them set for the coming weeks and months steering towards March 2019. Speaking on the matter was Adrian Colman, Chief Executive Officer for Wincanton. He said Heineken are planning to stockpile thousands of pallets of goods within the UK.

Considering all options, firms are beginning to feel the heat regarding Brexit. With no sign of a deal being met and the deadline looming, it becomes more and more likely that many companies will follow suit with Heineken and look to stockpile their goods before Brexit takes place in an effort to avoid international movement of goods following March which could be held up in the chaos should there be no deal met between UK and EU parties.

The PM has started detailing cabinet members on a potential deal with the EU near completion. However, this hasn’t stopped concerns for hauliers due to how much uncertainty there is considering whether permits will be required for international trade or whether freedom of movement will be maintained. Either way, many companies such as Heineken are preparing to feel the blow from a no-deal Brexit leading to precautions such as this which will lessen the impact on trade and sales on a nationwide scale.

Colman elaborated, stating Heineken isn’t the only company looking to hold additional stock within their warehouses: “New systems and processes, whatever the change – even if very minimal – won’t be achieved overnight.”

Items likely to be stored will include ingredients purchased outside of the UK as well as imported beverages such as Heineken’s beer.

Speaking on the matter, Heineken released a statement: “We always build additional buffer stock in the first quarter of the year to manage peak demand in the summer. We have taken a small amount of additional warehousing space to give us greater flexibility to meet customer demands.”

They also clarified that over 90% of the beer sold nationwide is brewed within the UK.
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