HGV driver blocks fire station to get Fish and Chips

Published: 21 February 2019

HGV driver blocks fire station to get Fish and Chips
Lincolnshire drivers have been warned multiple times to consider where they park more often as the local firefighters have been unable to drive in/out of the station many times due to those who decide to park in the way of the entrance.

Most recently, the crew were unable to drive into the station yesterday, as a lorry was found blocking the entrance. They presumed the vehicle had simply been left behind, until the driver returned to his vehicle – stating he had stopped by the fish and chip shop nearby.

The Community Fire Station posted a picture of the lorry to social media, hoping other drivers will be more aware of the importance of the station’s “no parking” rules and that leaving vehicles in the area can have serious implications.

Posted to Facebook, they wrote: “We are a very active station. Our crew response time is around two minutes but only as long as we have clear access. Please be considerate when parking, every second counts in an emergency.”

The driver’s actions received heavy criticism by many of those who commented on the post by the Community Fire Station. One said: “Were the fire engines not a bit of a clue it was a used fire station?”

Another wrote: “That’s a pretty poor excuse from the driver.”

One poster stated: “Thought the building was derelict?? Even if it was that’s still highly illegal and dangerous parking?”

As previously mentioned, this is far from the first time the firefighters have had a similar experience meaning they have been unable to enter/exit the fire station and do their job. Last October a 4X4 parked in the same area, leading to the firefighters posting a reminder to drivers to use common sense when parking vehicles.
With the lack of spaces for HGV drivers across the UK, it could be considered understandable as to how this kind of mistake could be made. Without appropriate spacing nearby to stop his vehicle – the driver could have felt there was no other option if he had driven the maximum amount of time permitted.

This could relate back to the demand for further spaces for truck drivers, which the RHA have gone on record criticizing the Government and local councils for not investing in more parking for drivers to meet demand from the industry. If action were to take place in regards to the lack of parking for HGVs across the country, which could easily avoid situations such as this.
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