HGV driver shortage tackled with training programme by Jack Richards & Sons

Published: 14 March 2019

HGV driver shortage tackled with training programme by Jack Richards & Sons
Partnering with a training provider, Jack Richards has set out on a mission to tackle the HGV driver shortage the UK is currently facing. They hope that the new project will bring the appeal to HGV training for those in the area who may not as of yet considered it as a career path.

Working with Horsepower Training, they are supporting drivers who are trying to get their Class 1 and 2 HGV licence, an endorsement for more drivers within the industry to take part in training and pursue it further as a career.

Jack Richards and Horsepower Training have introduced one of many initiatives to bring more appeal into pursuing becoming a trucker as a future job. This includes school visits with trucks to appeal to the future generation of HGV drivers, as well as supporting those who wish to take it further reaching their adulthood with training facilities available. This means firms like Jack Richards can offer assistance with funding to potential candidates who aren’t eligible through training with an apprenticeship, or simply can’t afford to train as a driver due to the costs involved.

Training is available at the weekends, meaning drivers can fit their training around their current job role and have a more flexible support while earning their licence for a HGV.

Speaking on the goals of the initiative, Horsepower Training owner Nathalie Axon stated: “Our aim is to welcome both men and women who have set their sights on a new and rewarding career in haulage. With the help of this training, we could help those people achieve their dream job and at the same time help the industry solve one of its biggest problems – not enough drivers.”

The scheme has many benefits to potential drivers, including that once drivers have passed and achieved their qualifications, Jack Richards can guarantee them an immediate start as a Class 1 driver once they have passed their test and are ready to go on the road.

Regional Director, Lisa Richards gave her thoughts on the driver shortage and what can be done to stop it from impacting the industry further: “The driver shortage is a real issue for our industry so we wanted to take positive action toward this. We’re delighted at how the training is going so far and we’ve just had our first pass. It’s fantastic to see new talent coming into the company and we hope it’ll continue.”

With some schemes receiving Government endorsement, more plans and schemes for potential drivers can guarantee an interest in the role of a HGV driver can be maintained and the industry interest will build momentum for the next generation of truckers.
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