HGV drivers want out of EU

Published: 02 June 2016

HGV drivers want out of EU
Freight exchange platform Returnloads.net invited HGV drivers to take part in a survey about the EU referendum. 
The purpose of the survey was to see what the drivers opinions were about remaining in the EU and whether they had made their minds up on how they will vote. In total, Returnloads.net had 502 responses.
This survey has resulted in some interesting findings. The vast majority, 84%, of the HGV drivers who took part will be voting to leave the EU. 
There were many different reasons for people voting to leave the EU the most commons ones being:
Foreign drivers working in the UK keeping wages low
Too much regulation from the EU
No control over who runs the EU as non-elected
The UK’s economy is big enough to be independent
6% of those who took part are undecided and this is mainly due to the lack of clear information available on how it would affect them directly.
Only 10% of those surveyed will be voting to stay in the EU some of the reasons include:
If we leave we will still have to pay and accept EU conditions to trade with them but the UK will no longer have a say.
Nothing will change
Prices will increase for goods and services across the country
The UK will have a voice on what happens in the EU
More skilled people still being able to work in the UK bettering services

19% of HGV drivers felt that leaving the EU could harm the haulage industry.
It is interesting to see that a higher percentage of HGV drivers who have been in the industry for over 15 years have chosen to vote to leave, 91%, than that of people who have worked in the industry for less time, 75%
22% of HGV drivers aged 35 and under will be voting to stay in the EU whereas only 7% of those over 35 will be voting to stay.

You can see the full survey results here EU referendum survey HGV drivers

f you have not yet registered to vote in the referendum you have until teh 7th June 2016 to do so. You can register to vote here.
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