Highways Agency launches Make Time for Winter campaign

Published: 22 November 2012

Highways Agency launches Make Time for Winter campaign
The Highways Agency is encouraging all drivers to prepare for winter journeys with the launch of their ‘Make Time for Winter’ campaign.
Roads Minister Stephen Hammond said: “Drivers need to make sure they and their vehicles are ready for severe weather. Vehicles are much more prone to break down as temperatures plummet and a routine incident or breakdown can become much more serious in severe weather.
“Any broken down vehicles can have a big impact on our motorways and trunk roads, making it harder for road salting vehicles and snow ploughs to operate. As well as putting the driver and passengers at risk, it takes longer to clear the roads and causes delays for everyone else.”
Although The Highways Agency is well prepared and has over 500 winter vehicles such as salt spreaders, ploughs and snow blowers on standby at over 100 depots, the Agency is strongly encouraging drivers to take come simple steps themselves to help keep traffic moving in poor weather conditions by using the POWDERY check­list as a good reminder:
  • PETROL (or diesel). Have you got enough? Do you know where to fill up?
  • OIL - check lev­els once a month
  • WATER - check radi­a­tor and screen-­wash regularly
  • DAMAGE - check wipers, lights etc for signs of wear and tear or dam­age, and make sure wind­screens, win­dows and lights are clear of ice and snow.
  • ELECTRICS - check lights, indi­ca­tors and con­trols are work­ing properly
  • RUBBER TYRES - are they well inflated, legal, with good tread and free from damage?
  • YOU - are you fit to drive? Have you slept well? Are you tak­ing any medication(s) that could make it unsafe for you to drive?
You can use the High­ways Agency’s infor­ma­tion ser­vices to check for delays on the major roads. They work closely with the Met Office, to pro­vide you with the lat­est infor­ma­tion on weather con­di­tions too.
Source: HGVUK/The Highways Agency
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