Hydrogen HGV unveiled by Hyundai

Published: 24 September 2018

Hydrogen HGV unveiled by Hyundai
While there has only been a rendered image to reveal the vehicle, it gives drivers a better idea of what to expect when the vehicle finally goes on sale. The electric motors power the wheels of the HGV directly, making this the first vehicle of its kind provided by Hyundai.

Unlike most electrical vehicles, the truck has a hydrogen fuel cell stack – this is a generator which gets its power from pressurised hydrogen gas.

This could prove a lacking purchase for UK hauliers though, as there aren’t many hydrogen filing stations across the UK. Hyundai hopes that the vehicle’s success in other markets will lead to further hydrogen stations being developed in Britain as the country works towards the government’s emissions plans.

Hyundai has applied the same style to the truck as it does all its hydrogen-based vehicles with a stylish blue paint that is perfectly applied to the aerodynamic grille design.

The brand has applied the same treatment to the truck as it does to its passenger cars, with blue styling accents applied on top of an aerodynamic grille design. The pattern on the vehicle is a symbol for hydrogen according to Hyundai.

Along with this style, the vehicle has aerodynamic wheel trims as well as a low-slung side protector, maintaining the style of the vehicle while also improving its efficiency. The vehicle is set to get a full reveal at the IAA Commercial Vehicle show which takes place in Hanover. All specifications regarding the vehicle are also set to be published at the event.

The Department for Transport’s plan to halt production of all diesel and petrol vehicles in the UK by 2040 could mean that more lorry drivers will be tempted to purchase the vehicle, as well as cutting their own emissions costs.

With Britain set to be on the roads with only the use of renewable energy by 2050, the government will need to invest in more hydrogen stations for vehicles such as this if they wish to reach DfT’s predicted goal in time.
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