Industry concerns on immigration in France/Spain

Published: 05 June 2018

Industry concerns on immigration in France/Spain
During the programme 2 firms also appeared, SJL International Transport and Breakwells. Rod McKenzie called for the French military to step-up and protect drivers in the areas they are exposed while the current security provided by the police force is currently insufficient and based on driver’s experiences they are too outnumbered to feel secure in their job role. McKenzie continued stating that drivers have the right to feel safe in their job role but could be stopped at any point and threatened.
One of the most recently effected towns: Quisterham, had a D-Day celebration event on, more commonly known as Caen. The event was incredibly overcrowded and it had an impact on HGV drivers who were in the area at the time.
While the dangers for drivers aren’t as hazardous as they were while the Jungle Camp was in action, due to the coast-wide immigration levels the security simply cannot handle the amount of anticipated immigration across the respective countries. This exposes lorry drivers more than ever.
Although UK Border Forces have become diligent due to the recent changes in the UK’s relations across the channel there are also concerns with how long checks can take. Some vehicles being taken apart and put back together to ensure there are no stowaways or unregistered goods. This has also damaged tourism on the channel, while many families wouldn’t like to risk the dangers of travelling by car across Spain/France.
There are many other ports that are now being targeted, such as: Dieppe, St Malo, Le Havre and Bilbao in Spain. This becomes much more of an issue now that instead of just Calais, many of the ports need increased security to resolve the current crisis. With many openings or exposed points, immigration and slipping by check-points is much easier from the various ports.
HGV drivers have been advised not to stop near the ports, due to the penalties they would face if found with migrants or unregistered goods in their vehicle. They should also be checking their trailers, under doors and tilt covers when stopping/getting back onto the road to ensure the vehicle is secure.
Beyond increasing security as much as possible, it is unkown what the respective countries intend to do to resolve the crisis.
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