IRHA requests a sensitive approach to Brexit

Published: 04 September 2019

IRHA requests a sensitive approach to Brexit
The Irish Road Haulage Association has directed a point to industry bodies along with politicians to set a steady course and handle the Brexit process with as much sensitivity as possible over the next month – in the run up to October 31st, when the UK is expected to leave the EU.

Speaking on the matter, IRHA President Verona Murphy stated: “There has been a substantial amount of work carried out to prepare for a range of eventualities on Brexit, including a No Deal Brexit. The IRHA, along with national retailers, exporters and agencies have been involved in a range of discussions with Government Departments and agencies to ensure that all possible contingency measures are in place to deal with Brexit”
Ms Murphy continued: “It is vitally important that we concentrate on the finalisation of our preparations in a focused, clear and determined manner. It is also important that commentators, whether from the political or business sectors do not give succour to those within the British Government who are intent on trying to create havoc and disruption through their determination to crash out of the EU without a deal. We can be demanding and exacting of the Government agencies to ensure that they are adequately prepared for Brexit without feeding the chaos lust of the hard Brexiteers in Westminster.”

Speaking on behalf of the IRHA, she said the organisation will continue to represent Irish hauliers with the hopes of playing a vital part in appropriately supporting them in the effort to have their voice heard in regards to Brexit and other areas of the industry that could affect their trade on a daily basis.

The IRHA has called for responsible commentary from other business firms, particularly those with Irish affiliates within UK organisations.

She said: “This is a time for national unity and clear focus. Government needs to deliver to support businesses and consumers on Brexit preparation. But it needs to do so in an environment without alarmist predictions and scaremongering.”

As businesses from the UK and Ireland, as well as all over the world continue to have unresolved concerns for Brexit, Parliament has come to a standstill with progress as the government loses its working majority. With a lack of confidence in house, this could lead to a general election and even more questions as businesses continue looking for their answers as to what kind of consequences they will face under Brexit.
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