John Lewis Go Green

Published: 18 October 2018

John Lewis Go Green
Retail power house John Lewis has confirmed that their vehicles moving goods will no longer be diesel fuelled by 2028 in an effort to help the environment. With over 500 vehicles moving goods, these would all need to be replaced in favour of trucks that use renewable fuel: biomethane.

The firm has 61 of these vehicles operating across the UK, with fuel resources provided by CNG fuels. 
The planned trucks can operate up to 500 miles, emitting 80% less CO2 than other diesel fuels – once John Lewis have achieved their goal the plan is set to save an estimated 49,000 tonnes of C02 each year.

General Manager of central transport at John Lewis, Justin Laney spoke about the plans: “We have been pioneering the adoption of long-distance biomethane trucks in the UK and scaling this up to our entire heavy truck fleet will deliver significant environmental and operational benefits.

“Five biomethane trucks produce the same emissions as one diesel lorry and they are also much quieter, helping reduce not only greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution but also noise pollution in our cities.”
The announcement took place as part of Green GB Week, John Lewis have been applauded by officials for bringing forward industry-changing plans that could have an influence on the future of trucking. As a major influential firm, John Lewis’ new scheme could convince other firms to use similar vehicles in an effort which could ultimately benefit haulage, cutting costs as well as emissions.

Energy minister Claire Perry discussed the plans: “I’m delighted to see how many more businesses and organisations such as the John Lewis Partnership are seizing this multi-billion pound opportunity to energise their communities to tackle the very serious threat of climate change.”

Research in January found that one in 13 lorries were fitted with emissions cheat devices, following the government’s increased demand and costs for drivers who have vehicles that do not fit their emissions standards. This could be the best solution for those drivers who have yet to resolve emissions concerns.
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