"Keep moving" with Volvo Truck's new finance program

Published: 08 June 2020

"Keep moving" with Volvo Truck's new finance program
Lorry drivers at the moment could really use a break! Thanks to Volvo Trucks and their financial services, they have one! Due to the increased demand for support during the COVID-19 pandemic, Volvo has launched a financial program to secure purchases of their vehicles for businesses.
The scheme is called "Keep Moving", offering the opportunity for businesses who need to replace older trucks as soon as possible but who may be struggling with finances. The scheme allows firms to defer any costs for the first 3 months of their purchase. There is also availability for a 2 month payment freeze every year.
Volvo Trucks began considering how they could support drivers in light of the recent pandemic and keep goods moving all across the UK and Ireland. On-top of the scheme, they also have taken to social media to highlight "haulage heroes" all over the country who have done everything they can to continue operating on the road and providing essential services over the country.
Managing Director at Volvo, Robert Grozdanovski, spoke on the matter: “Many transport companies and truck drivers have been struggling during this crisis and it is our job to help them in any way we can,
The last 10 weeks have demonstrated just how much the whole country relies on the transport and logistics industry. We’re so grateful for everything our haulage heroes have done and hope this offer goes a small way to show that appreciation.”
Volvo Trucks will continue to provide truck drivers with financial solutions on a worldwide scale, at times such as these, their ability to adapt to the needs of their customers will be reflected upon and could prove to deliver a positive reception and reputation - convincing more drivers to consider purchasing one of their vehicles.
At Returnloads, we are also adapting to the times and matching the needs of hauliers and owner drivers all over the country. With availability of work in Europe, Warehousing and thousands of loads all over the UK - our members can expect to find all the work to match their needs in these difficult times.
Mike Corcoran, Managing Director at Volvo Financial Services, said: “Despite the hugely challenging economic backdrop, operators still need to put new vehicles on the road. We hope this program helps them to do that – in turn allowing them to reduce their fuel bills, lessen their carbon footprint and, most importantly, to ‘Keep Moving’ throughout the current crisis.”
The drivers who take advantage of either opportunities above can expect to see their profits increase - simply due to the resourcefulness of the tools available to them. Returnloads has a wide range of perks and benefits to being a member, such as a perfect service to make more contacts in the haulage industry and find work all over the UK by using our interactive map. Volvo have offered a similar opportunity to drivers, meaning they will benefit from taking advantage of this opportunity.
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