Labour Supports Out of Hours Deliveries

Published: 06 November 2014

Labour Supports Out of Hours Deliveries
Labour has signalled its support for out of hours deliveries, saying that smarter management of the British road network is one of their priorities when it comes to transport.

At a recent All-Party Parliamentary Group session for Freight Transport, the current shadow freight transport minister, Richard Burden, has said ‘’the Olympic games showed that through effective co-operation, cities can change freight patterns to achieve significant benefits such as minimising congestion, improving safety for vulnerable road users and air quality.’’

The shadow freight minister then added that he knew it may be difficult for some businesses to have the capacity and resources to stay open all night and appreciated the public’s general concern about noise disruption.

He continued ‘’we are pleased that TfL has initiated a programme of extending out of hours deliveries with a consortium of London boroughs, major retailers and industry professionals that are working together on new trials, the results are expected in 2015 and Labour will be looking at these results to consider what can be done in other parts of the country’’.

During the session, the shadow freight minister, set out Labours stance on longer and heavier lorries.

In relation to the 10 year trial of 1800 longer, 16.5m semi trailers which Labour had previously objected to on safety grounds, he said ‘’the evidence emerging indicates no increase in casualty rates and some indications of improved efficiency. But we believe it is too early to make and long-term conclusions on this. We continue to look at this closely.’’

The shadow freight minister then reiterated that Labour has no plans to allow even longer and heavier HGV’s on our roads
It will be interesting to see the results of the programme initiated by TfL next year and to see how out of hours deliveries have impacted not only the roads and congestion but also the environment and local businesses.

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