Lorries tip over on-board P&O Ferry at Cairnryan Port

Published: 18 December 2018

Lorries tip over on-board P&O Ferry at Cairnryan Port
At Cairnryan Port in Scotland this morning an incident was reported on a P&O ferry as some of the lorries on-board the deck started to tip over. This happened around 7:30 AM. The emergency services rushed the scene, with multiple ambulances on the ground and in the air and the fire department. Some on-board the ferry were able to catch footage of when the incident took place.

Eyewitnesses who were on the ferry or nearby recalled what took place:
"They are all articulated lorries. They are not letting anyone off.” One said.
“On that ferry, the foot passengers also come off the car deck by coach, so they are not coming off either.” Told another eyewitness.
"There are five ambulances and about nine police vehicles." One eyewitness recalled.

Describing the emergency service response, one witness stated: "I've got no idea what's going on. There are four or five ambulances, four fire engines and at least ten police cars that came racing by. The coastguard are also here now and the place is crawling with cops. It's really mental."

As of yet, no one was reported to have received any wounds or injuries during the incident.

P&O ferries spoke about the incident on social media: "We're sorry to announce that all sailings on our # POCairnryan < > # POLarne routes are delayed due to extreme weather conditions. Please check in as normal and we'll be working to get you on your way as soon as possible."

Meanwhile the Scottish Fire and Rescue service also spoke on the matter: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was requested at 7.32am on Tuesday, December 18 to assist our emergency service partners with an ongoing incident involving vehicles upon a ferry berthed at Cairnryan Ferry Terminal, Wigtownshire.

“Operations Control mobilised four fire engines to the scene and firefighters presently remain in attendance.”
P&O Ferries released a statement saying: "We can confirm that an incident took place on the European Causeway this morning.

"In extreme weather conditions, a number of vehicles have moved position on the decks causing damage onboard. All passengers and crew are safely accounted for, there are no reports of injuries and the emergency services are in attendance."
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