Lorry driver joins charity organisation that saved his life  

Published: 30 March 2020

Lorry driver joins charity organisation that saved his life  
A truck driver was airlifted to hospital after he fell onto a concrete surface, knocking himself unconscious and breaking his pelvis, with 19 ribs and three bones in his back also suffering injury. He was closing the lids on top of his tanker HGV, at which point he fell four metres. While he was put out of work from the incident, after coming out of hospital he began his journey to recovery.
Recollecting the events he said: “I don’t remember anything after being on top of the tanker. I lost four days of my life but I am still here, still waking up every morning and I know it’s because of the air ambulance. My surgeon said I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for them."
The flight from where the incident took place to the hospital was a mere 11 minutes, which most likely saved the lorry driver's life as he was able to get the urgent care he needed much sooner than possible by an on-road ambulance. The trucker named Kevin decided during his stay in hospital, he would return the favour. He started planning a fundraising event for the air ambulance service - which gains no government funding, needing the donations to stay in the air and save more lives.
Originally planning to host the event on Easter Monday, which had to be cancelled due to the COVID19 outbreak, Kevin decided he wanted to do more. He explained: “I am very upset that I have had to postpone my fundraising day but you have my word that as and when it is all sorted out it will go ahead.”
Despite still recovering from the injury, he is "getting stronger day by day". Explaining his future goals further, Kevin said: “I’ve decided to give something back and have signed up to be a volunteer for the charity as well. I want to say thank you for what they did for me. I wouldn’t be here without them.” Kevin is among the 150,000 members of the public who recently took to volunteering in healthcare to support the NHS and other medical care facilities to tackle not only COVID-19, but any other medical issues that could be raised and need further support due to the overwhelming pushback the outbreak has caused.
Thanks to the support of the public, any driver working in haulage in the area who could suffer through similar circumstances would receive the urgent care they need much faster with the use of the emergency air services. During the current crisis, care in this field is vital and supporting organisations who lack funding and support the NHS in its services is just one way to help out. Kevin is a trucker hero for supporting the cause that saved his life!
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