Lorry driver Mo “passed out” when he found 39 bodies in container

Published: 25 October 2019

Lorry driver Mo “passed out” when he found 39 bodies in container
Sources claim lorry driver: Mo Robinson, contacted the emergency services when he opened his container to discover 39 deceased within the refrigerator container – describing what he saw, it is reported Mo then passed out. As police arrived at the scene in Purfleet, Mo was held on suspicion of murder and is still under arrest by local law enforcement. While the vehicle and container were seen on Mo’s social media accounts, records show he had only picked up the container 30-40 minutes before his discovery – at which point he contacted the authorities.

Following the discovery, the vehicle was moved from Purfleet to a secure berth within the Port of Tilbury, which enabled the police force to investigate the container further and begin moving the discovered casualties from Tilbury to Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford so the coroner can begin an investigation. So far, 11 of the victims have been moved from within the Port to the hospital.

Upon investigation, the police believe they have discovered Chinese nationals, 31 males and 8 females. The outcome of the coroner’s investigation will play a pivotal part in solving how these victims found themselves in the container.

Police have raided Mo’s luxury home in Northern Ireland to start a search for any evidence that can associate him with the case, while his family have been informed and escorted by officials from Northern Ireland to Essex – where Mo is being held. His family have been granted visitation rights.

Dr. Richard Shepherd, one of the UK’s leading forensic pathologists described how identifying the victims would be a: "very slow, organised process, It is a meticulous examination starting with looking externally. What clothes were they wearing? Is there any jewellery that might identify them? Are there any documents? Are there passports? Have these people been tortured? Have they been sexually assaulted? Have they been beaten and forced in?"
The Chinese Ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming told reporters he has sent out an investigation team who are arriving in Essex to support the police in their case while identifying the victims. Adding that there is no confirmation on the nationality of these individuals until further investigations have been made.
Many of Mo’s friends and colleagues have spoken out, claiming his innocence in this case and requesting he be released from police custody. One friend who spoke to MailOnline said: 

“Mo is from the nicest family you could meet. I'm telling you now, he wouldn't have known those people were in the back. Apparently he'd parked up at the industrial estate in Essex and had gone to fetch the paperwork from a pocket on the inside of the lorry door. When he opened the container up and saw all the dead bodies, he was absolutely horrified - as anyone would be - and called the ambulance service who in turn alerted the police.”

While much uncertainty still looms as to the connection between the driver and the 39 deceased found in the container, drivers have rallied to support the driver. Adopting the attitude of “innocent until proven guilty” as Mo seemed unaware of what he was going to find in the container at the time he contacted the authorities.
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