Lorry Drivers Save a Life

Published: 26 April 2018

Lorry Drivers Save a Life
A man in Michigan, USA found himself on the edge of a bridge, in an effort to attempt suicide. A group of lorry drivers were called in by the police force to drive to the bridge’s location. The drivers were escorted into the blocked off road, they then parked underneath the bridge, so that if he decided to jump he would land on one of their containers, saving his life.
The police force thanked them for their commitment and heroic efforts. With the guidance of the police they managed to line up all 13 vehicles perfectly underneath the bridge, meaning they would break his fall.
The drivers were in position for over four hours, while the police force spoke to the man who wanted to jump from the bridge. He was eventually calmly talked down to get away from the bridge and medically treated for any harm he may have caused himself.
The call was received early Tuesday morning, Police lieutenant Michael Shaw spoke regarding the incident, describing how those who called the emergency services described a man standing  on the edge of a bridge above Interstate 696 near Huntington Woods. He said the police force often communicate with HGV drivers during incidents such as this but to need so many vehicles for a rescue operation is unheard of, but it was one of the options for saving the man’s life.
Discussing the man’s attempt on his life he said “There are many other options out there aside from taking your own life.”
Thankfully the lorry drivers were at hand, it just shows you can be an everyday hero even on the road!
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