Lorry drivers voted the safest on UK roads

Published: 04 January 2019

Lorry drivers voted the safest on UK roads
From the research the motorists deemed HGV drivers the safest drivers around the UK with the least incidents that could lead to crashes. Meanwhile BMW 1 Series drivers took the spot for the most dangerous drivers in the UK.

Around 22% said HGV drivers were the safest, parents came at a close second with 21% claiming they are the safest drivers. Delivery drivers took the next spot on the list with 13% of voters deeming them the safest drivers followed closely by coach drivers at 11% and recently passed drivers made fifth place with 10% of the vote.

When asked about drivers who crossed the line and proved to be more of a danger to themselves and the drivers around them, while BMW 1 Series drivers as well as Vauxhall Corsa drivers came in at a tie for first place, as well as Ford C-Max drivers coming in at second place. From the survey these drivers were named the most dangerous drivers within the UK.
Also questioned about which gender is most encountered during unsafe incidents, 80% of those surveyed said male drivers. With age gaps, those between 25-35 were voted most likely to drive dangerously by 49% of those taking the survey, this could be due to increased stress in their lifestyle.

Every individual surveyed was also questioned on their own driving skills and abilities. Everyone who took the survey stated that they considered themselves to be safe drivers on the roads.

Going from the experiences of these drivers, lorry drivers are some of the best drivers in the nation! What do you think? 
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