M4 plans will not improve traffic says RHA

Published: 20 December 2019

M4 plans will not improve traffic says RHA
The Road Haulage Association has been in contact with the Welsh government and officials, urging them to reconsider their current plans for the future of the M4. They are hoping to reduce congestion on the motorway, allowing for traffic to flow much easier. Officials hope this will be as much benefit to hauliers as it would the rest of the road users who suffer from constant traffic build-up using the M4.

The RHA called the plans developed by the Government “hopelessly inadequate” with claims they have been tinkering around the edges.  The scheme also plans to introduce more traffic management measures as well as more patrols across the route. Commission chair, Lord Burns openly stated they predict the plans are only set to have a “modest” impact on traffic.

There are additional parts of the scheme set to be introduced over a longer period – however, the RHA believes action should be taken sooner for the sake of hauliers to prevent more delays and chaos for M4 road users.
Discussing the Welsh Government’s actions, Rhys Williams, RHA regional operations manager – said further action must be taken if they are serious about reaching the potential of improving traffic for Wales.
Elaborating further, Williams stated: “Congestion on the M4 brings misery to local people and road users every day; it’s strangling the Welsh economy and holding up growth in firms who desperately need a fit-for-purpose road network to move people and goods efficiently.

“We believe that Wales deserves better – but nothing will change until the Welsh Government stops tinkering around the edges and commits to building 21st century infrastructure to make it happen.” He concluded.
Considering the impact these changes to the route could have for road users regularly travelling on the M4, the RHA’s response with the hopes that the Welsh Government will consider any possible alternatives before proceeding with plans seems a reasonable request on behalf of the haulage industry as well as other road users.
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