More Brexit uncertainty for hauliers

Published: 31 August 2018

More Brexit uncertainty for hauliers
The Road Haulage Association have raised for international hauliers as a no-deal Brexit starts to seem inevitable. With no further signs of any deal being met, the government will have to face heavy backlash of members of the haulage industry if terms are not met that can maintain trade on an international scale following the UK’s departure of the EU next March.

This was mentioned in the “Trading with the EU if there’s no Brexit deal” notice, which stated for the first time in the industry, drivers would handle the responsibility of their own Safety and Security Declarations.
Firms have been informed by government officials that there would be a requirement to submit an exit summary declaration to the customs authority with descriptions on imports/exports which would then need to be authorised by customs directly.

“This announcement is far too little and comes far too late,” stated RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett. “Hauliers have been waiting for practical advice on the worst-case scenarios for many months, yet the government is leaving it to the eleventh hour giving businesses little time to prepare.”

As Brexit draws closer the PM is seeking to improve relations in other continents such as Africa, where she recently visited to discuss trade. With a lack of updates for the general public, many industry influencers are becoming increasingly concerned that the event will have significant damage on trade for the next few years.
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