Moto ends free meal scheme for truckers

Published: 07 July 2020

Moto ends free meal scheme for truckers
During the course of the pandemic drivers played a role as essential workers, being sure goods kept moving across the country at a rate that met public demand on a regular basis. For their devotion, various shops and food chains offered truck drivers supplies and food while they were out on the road - some of whom were out consistently during the lockdown. Some choosing not to return home for weeks on end.
Naturally, during these difficult times many chains came together to bring hauliers these items - one of whom was Moto, who facilitate to truck stops all over the country. They offered truck drivers food, essentials like toothbrushes and mouthwash - as well as other items to motivate drivers to carry on with their hard work on the road and surpass the challenges ahead of them.
As the business introduced this scheme, it saw over 30,000 meals go to truck drivers all over the UK for free - while the pandemic meant that many of them were unable to see their families and had to maintain many of the restrictive rules set by social distancing. For many, this was a way to show appreciation and to reassure drivers that their efforts have not been in vein.
Thankfully, as the pandemic has begun to slowly reduce the rate at which it spreads, drivers are able to return to a more regular routine as part of their daily work pattern. As such, Moto have put a hold on their offer for drivers - as work begins to return to some sense of normality.
For some drivers, this has been frustrating. Not only with support from firms, but also with the Government who have resumed many of the penalties drivers can face. Meanwhile, the HGV levy continues to be on hold for the foreseeable future - in an effort to continue supporting international trade.
For many hauliers operating at national capacity, this has felt like a disservice to their efforts during the first half of this year which in many ways helped the general public beforehand - despite the Government deeming their work essential: the lack of continued support from the Government and firms could lower morale - should lockdown need to be continued and drivers having to re-adjust at any given time.
While deemed as low-skilled workers at the start of the year, drivers and many other essential workers have proven those in doubt time and time again that their efforts are undeniably the backbone of the UK economy and ensure we continue trading on a national and international scale.
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