New cabinet formed following resignations, industry leaders express concern for Brexit

Published: 11 July 2018

New cabinet formed following resignations, industry leaders express concern for Brexit
Following the resignation of both the Secretary of Brexit and the Foreign Secretary, the new cabinet members have met for the first time to discuss the Brexit strategy, with many MPs believing that this has left the government in crisis. This has massively increased concern for members of the trade industry, while confidence was dwindling for Brexit, MPs and executives alike now feel concerned for the future of the country. With no sign of a secure trade deal in sight.

This was made worse with US diplomats claiming a deal between the UK and US is “up in the air” and any deal between the two countries leads to a level of concern for the security of the NHS. A trade deal with the US would mean access to US pharmaceuticals, but there is no way of knowing the implications this would have on the NHS as it currently stands.

Following the meeting, the PM tweeted: "looking ahead to a busy week".
The UK is set to leave the EU on March 29th, 2019. However, there has been no deal met that both parties can agree on. There has been heavy criticism that the Conservative party has continuously had long-winded disagreements regarding the approach that should be taken as the UK leaves the EU.
The debates have continuously focused on whether UK should focus on business interests, which would mean a compromise on post-Brexit pledges, risking the end of free movement and would also remove the UK from the remit of the European Court of Justice, as well as a reformed trade policy which assures the UK’s independence allowing us to develop our own trade rules/terms with other negotiators.
Following the meeting at the PM’s country retreat, the Foreign and Brexit secretaries resigned as they began to feel that the PM was aiming for a “semi-Brexit”. In a letter of resignation, Mr Johnson stated “The dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt”

David Davis, who up until now lead negotiations for the UK’s departure from the EU has stated he doesn’t agree with the PM’s proposals. He felt that the PM was “Giving away too much, too easily” before negotiations had even started with the EU.

Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, was asked whether he had thought about a resignation, to which he responded “Absolutely not, I’m 100% behind Mrs May’s Brexit Plan”

The PM has been facing criticism, especially during a meeting of the committee of conservative MP, who are nearing the 48 signatures needed for a vote of no confidence in Mrs May’s leadership, leading to an election.
May stated that the members of the party would have to come together, or face the prospect of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, many leaders of the logistics industry have continuously expressed their concern with the seemingly lacking planning for Brexit, also sharing the sentiment that faith can no longer be held with Mrs May’s leadership as the March 2019 deadline for Brexit looms over the industry.
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