No-deal Brexit border could mean hauliers queue-jumping are fined £300

Published: 06 August 2019

No-deal Brexit border could mean hauliers queue-jumping are fined £300
If any haulier decides to jump queues on the border to Brexit – even if they are unaware of the rules they could face being fined by officials. They should expect to face a fine of over £300 if they are caught trying to avoid queues to the border by using shortcuts to the Port or jumping forward in line except in cases of a dire emergency.

In a set out consultation by the Department for Transport these were just a few of the proposals given to some of the local councils in the Kent area. Officials are considering all possible options to avoid any major delays or any further problems on the road in the area, including fining drivers who do not abide by the rules on the route to cross the Channel.

This has increased concerns that drivers who plan on using alternate routes to avoid queues would only cause further delay in the general area which would ultimately effect traffic on a much wider scale in the area as a whole.

This is exactly why Operation Brock was introduced, meaning the traffic and delays for international hauliers would make little difference to general road users. While queues of trucks would line up on the M20 for international travel, traffic in general can act as normal.

The £300 fine would only apply to hauliers looking to cross the channel who have considered taking shortcuts that could lead to more delays on the roads in the area. If too many drivers try to take alternate routes, traffic will also begin to build-up there which will effect the area as a whole rather than just the M20.

The proposal gave the concept that Highways England traffic officers as well as other authorities would have permission to ask hauliers for their paperwork which shows their destination, whether it is domestic or international. With this information, traffic officers will have the authority to fine drivers who are travelling internationally and are trying to skip the queue as part of Operation Brock on the M20.

RHA managing director of policy, Rod McKenzie spoke on the matter: "We have been told fines will only happen if operators disobey the rules. We do need clarity on what those rules are. They do need to be told urgently what is required from them and that has not happened yet."

On behalf of the FTA, Heidi Skinner – policy manager, gave her views: "Without clarification from government on exactly the paperwork required at port of entry or departure, this consultation is placing the blame for potential delays at Britain’s ports on the hauliers charged with keeping Britain trading after Brexit."

She continued: "To add the threat of significant fines of over £300 for those drivers trying to circumvent the system and achieve their Just in Time deliveries will add to the business pressures and potentially increase prices at a time when logistics businesses are doing their utmost to keep goods and services flowing freely to and from the UK’s largest trading partner.”

With some more clarity as to what these rules will entail before drivers can be fined, the Government can begin to put the wheels in motion for Operation Brock to be in full swing by the time the deadline for Brexit arrives on October 31st.
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