No-deal Brexit pop-up booths for truckers to cost £9M

Published: 24 September 2019

No-deal Brexit pop-up booths for truckers to cost £9M
The UK Government is expecting to pay over £9 mil to offer many pop-up advice centres for drivers around the nation. The costs reached £1mil over the estimated amount. These costs are expected to allow for better detail on the specifics of a no-deal Brexit for businesses and some of the updated terns of trade they could expect to face. This would also be beneficial for other members of industries, to get an idea of how Brexit will alter their daily business operations.

They expect to host 150 booths that will be set at a wide range of roadsides, meaning a break will be the ideal opportunity for drivers to park up – have a quick conversation with a representative who can answer any questions and elaborate on the changes that have been established by the government in the face of a no-deal Brexit.

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary spoke on the matter, explaining the project would extend over 10 European countries and also have investment for media and billboard ads around the globe. This further advertising could be what extended the costs compared to the original estimations.

“As part of [Department for Transport] plans to adequately prepare hauliers for a no-deal scenario, and ensure hauliers are informed of all the new documentation requirements in a no-deal scenario that will impact their journey into the EU, it is proposed that in key locations across the U.K. and EU we have branded ‘Info’ pop up stands,” the development contract explains.

“These stands are to be staffed by trained promotional operatives who will be able to answer key questions from hauliers and share with them where they can find more information.”

The EU countries with their own pop-up stands to be developed to update haulage companies on Brexit include that of: Romania, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Lithuania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. On top of the already 100 pop-ups available within the UK. The stands are set to be in ideal for locations for truckers and other important members of the industry, areas such as key ports, truck stops, ferries and other significant locations for the industry.

Just under a quarter of the pop-ups are going to be open for 24 hours, to be flexible around the availability of many truck drivers completing overnight work. In the other EU countries with pop-ups, the speakers will be fluent in English and the language of the country they are operating in.

Between the Department for Transport and the firm completing the pop-up event, an extra investment of £1m was agreed to match the demand of the extra marketing required to keep the industry alert in the wake of a no-deal Brexit scenario.
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