Northern Ireland logistics will need time for Brexit implementation - says FTA

Published: 05 June 2020

Northern Ireland logistics will need time for Brexit implementation - says FTA
The Freight Transport Association has entered a request for Government officials to introduce an implementation period once a Brexit agreement has been reached. This would be an extension on the 1 year deadline, meaing those who casted their vote to leave the European Union could have to wait a while longer until the UK is in a reasonable state to do so. Even more so in light of the pandemic faced through 2020 and the long-term implications it will have for the UK's economy.
While many hope the impact on Brexit will not be significant based upon the pandemic, there has been a set series of challenges in the haulage industry that will make that more and more difficult the further into the year the pandemic may continue. As such, while logistics and trade continues to function - seeing a higher rate of demand than ever before. With all the more work available through Returnloads as our members continue to place their loads as well as their availability.
Policy Manager for Northern Ireland at the FTA, Seamus Leheny, spoke to the press after participating in the House of Lords Select Committee. He stated:
“With less than seven months until the end of the Brexit transition period, FTA and its members in Northern Ireland are deeply concerned by the lack of government engagement on the Protocol. Alongside the British Retail Consortium and Northern Ireland Food & Drink Association, with whom we jointly gave evidence to the Committee yesterday, FTA is urging the government to engage with business organisations urgently so logistics businesses and operators can prepare for the successful implementation of the UK’s departure from the EU, which observes the rules of the NI Protocol. It is imperative that a fully functional working group be established immediately if the industry is to be ready for the post-Brexit trading environment on 1 January 2021."
He elaborated: “With the COVID-19 pandemic monopolising the industry’s attention, and following Stormont’s calls for an extension to the Brexit transition period, FTA is requesting an implementation period  once an agreement has been reached between the EU and UK, in which all necessary preparations for EU departure can be made. Businesses need clarity on the new trading agreement so they can prepare effectively for the massive changes that will undoubtably come.”
Mr Leheny concluded by saying: “Northern Ireland’s future prosperity relies on the Protocol being implemented effectively with minimal disruption; frictionless trade must be maintained. Alongside other industry groups, FTA is ready to work with both Stormont and Westminster to ensure trade remains as resilient as possible in the months ahead.”
As such, Mr Leheny and many others are calling out to Parliament to consider the long-term consequences of rushing to complete a Brexit deal without the other considerations for the questionable future that members of the haulage and logistics industry will face.
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