Older tyres set to be banned

Published: 08 March 2019

Older tyres set to be banned
Government officials are taking action and looking into plans to have older tyres banned from trucks along with buses, coaches and minibus vehicles. It was announced by the Department for Transport last week that they would begin consultation on legislation, planning to make a vehicle running on any tyre over 10 years old an offence.

The Government are looking further into this after research carried out last year identified the significance the age of a tyre can have on a vehicle and how safe the vehicle is on the road with a tyre 10+ years of age.
Speaking on the matter, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling stated: “Keeping people safe on our roads is our priority, and we have been working hard to understand the link between tyre age and road safety.”

“Emerging evidence and leading expert testimony shows us that we need to ban tyres over the age of 10 years from larger vehicles based upon the ‘precautionary principle’ – a move that will make our roads safer for everyone.”

The consultation took place following the “Tyred” campaign which was led by Frances Molloy. Frances’ 18-year-old son was sadly among three others killed in a coach accident on the A3 in 2012. The accident was caused by the failure of a tyre 19-years-old which was on the front axle of the vehicle.

Minister of Roads Jesse Norman said: “I want to pay tribute to Frances Molloy and the Tyred campaign for their brilliant campaign to ban older tyres on buses and coaches.

“I believe the changes we are consulting on will save lives. And I hope it will be welcomed by everyone who shares a commitment to making our roads safer, for the benefit of all.”

Last year Government officials commissioned the research into the integrity of road vehicle tyres and whether age has an effect on them, they collaborated with the Transport Research Laboratory as well as multiple researchers in the US to decide how much of an effect the age of a tyre has on its likelihood to cause an accident. The results are set to be published to the public later this spring.

The SMMT a response would be provided from the consultation.
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