PM’s Speech: May hopes for international trade to be “Frictionless”

Published: 22 May 2019

PM’s Speech: May hopes for international trade to be “Frictionless”
At today’s 4PM address, May says she has “tried everything I possibly can to find a way through” to satisfy the concerned, including those who play a vital role in haulage and logistics, which would be most effected of all on an international scale if negotiations ended sour.

May also spoke regarding employee rights, saying the terms with in the UK would look to match the EU’s current regulations under the worker’s rights bill or be even more beneficial to those working within the country.

No changes are set to take place for environmental protection, meaning many ULEZ and Euro conditions for vehicles will remain in place in an effort to improve the environment across the nation.

MPs will have a say on phases of the negotiations, which will lead to more communication between the PM and fellow MPs where Brexit is concerned. MPs will also have a say on whether another referendum should take place. May suggested MPs should “Make their case” to parliament when the time comes.

The PM claimed Brexit is slipping away and if the Government does not take action, an opportunity for the country’s independence for trading across the globe will be missed. May said that the future decisions for the country will not be made by EU commissioners, but by the elected leadership within the UK.

Directing her message to MPs as she is set to approach Parliament to make a statement on Wednesday, May said “I have compromised, now I ask you to compromise too.” One interviewer asked May if she would resign if she loses the vote – to which the PM said “I would wait and look at the details of the bill, wait and think about the importance of delivering Brexit.”
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