PM: Brexit transition period could be extended “a matter of months”

Published: 18 October 2018

PM: Brexit transition period could be extended “a matter of months”
There has been much concern in the haulage industry regarding Brexit, where it’s going, what the government’s plans are and how it will impact the movement of goods on an international scale. The meetings between the UK and EU recently have been unable to resolve the concerns regarding a hard border in Northern Ireland if an agreement cannot be met which has caused concern for many involved parties.

The UK is set to begin departure from the EU in March 2019, with a transition period taking place over the next year. However, due to concerns with the NI border, the PM stated the transition period could possibly be extended over “A matter of months” to ensure the transition is completed by means that benefit UK and EU businesses.

Speaking this morning, Mrs May stated: "A further idea that has emerged - and it is an idea at this stage - is to create an option to extend the implementation period for a matter of months - and it would only be for a matter of months.

But the point is that this is not expected to be used, because we are working to ensure that we have that future relationship in place by the end of December 2020."

Up until 31st of December 2020 (or later if the period is extended) trading within the EU is very much the same.  Former conservative minister called extending the transition period as a “desperate last move” also stating that May was losing support within her party.

For firms, this could mean more months of uncertainty regarding Brexit. Without knowing of any intentions of a well-structured trade deal many major influencers in the haulage industry have expressed their concerns for the future of international trade for the UK.

With talks of doubt within her own party, the PM’s recent actions have also lead to increased talks of another general election before the UK leaves the EU.
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