PM thanks road hauliers for their "dedication" and "self-sacrifice"

Published: 11 May 2020

PM thanks road hauliers for their "dedication" and "self-sacrifice"
Often throughout the COVID-19 outbreak it has been the case that many healthcare workers and other essentials have their moment in the spotlight, whether this is through applause, articles or viral videos of their hard work and dedication. Naturally, due to the amount of workers currently deemed as essential - not everyone would get their moment of acknowledgement to the public, although their sacrifice remains equally significant.
Last night, the Prime Minister addressed the nation in a 15 minute recording - during which time he described the plans ahead leading into recovery from the pandemic by the end of the year. In this, he described a 5 Phase plan, which would consider the significance of the numbers before stepping onto the next phase.
Towards the end of his address, Mr Johnson began to feel very emotional and clearly resonated with his audience. He went on to say: "And when I look at what you have done already. The patience and common sense you have shown."
"The devotion and self-sacrifice of all those in every walk of life who are helping us to beat this disease. Police, bus drivers, train drivers, pharmacists, supermarket workers, road hauliers, bin collectors, cleaners, security guards, postal workers, our teachers and a thousand more."
Specifically mentioning the road haulier, the Prime Minister has a clear understanding of how much your average truck driver, whether they be an owner driver or part of a logistics chain - has carried out work essential to ensure the country's survival and the safety of those within the British public through a consistent delivery of medical supplies and other essential goods such as food and beverages.
In addition to the dedication of haulage firms, comes that of the warehousing and logistics industry. While not mentioned directly in the Prime Minister's speech - those operating as part of the warehousing and storage industries have ensured their facilities remain available for the sake of those who need to store goods with utmost haste and importance during this pandemic. Some of those carrying out essential work these past few months found their own solution through our very own Warehouse Exchange.
Acknowledgement from the Prime Minister in this major public address shows the importance of all the hard work the average haulier has committed to during such a challenging time. For many hauliers, this will prove to be a major boost in morale, knowing their hard work and dedication to some of those who may not have seen their families over long stretches of time - that their hard work is paying off and with enough time the nation can begin to show signs of recovery through the 5 Phase plan suggested in the coming months.
As with many deliveries, the journey is far from over. As the PM said in his own words: "Though the UK will be changed by this experience, I believe we can be stronger and better than ever before."
He concluded: "More resilient, more innovative, more economically dynamic, but also more generous and more sharing. But for now we must stay alert, control the virus and save lives. Thank you very much."
With full-speed ahead, hauliers can begin to take on more work - with truckers and more and more businesses returning to the roads in the coming months. As the Prime Minister assured, the dedication of those who have given so much to ensure the safety of the public will not be in vein.
Returnloads has continued to provide our online service throughout the period that the pandemic took hold of the UK. Our platform has proved to be majorly beneficial for hauliers who may struggle to find work during these challenging times, equally as much for those who are looking to move loads which could have proven to be more challenging to move now than ever before. We would like to thank our members for their devotion and support during this difficult time and will continue to provide the service that provides back loads and other logistics solutions to the truckers of the UK and across the Globe.
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