RHA addresses new PM, says borders should remain free flowing after Brexit

Published: 25 July 2019

RHA addresses new PM, says borders should remain free flowing after Brexit
This has been a big week for the UK, as Theresa May resigned as Prime Minister, leaving Downing Street for the last time on Wednesday to answer her final PMQs. On Monday, votes were counted as to who would be the next leader for the Conservative party, as well as the new Prime Minister to fill May’s shoes and deliver Brexit that was voted for during the EU referendum in 2016.

As Boris Johnson entered Downing Street, plenty of questions were raised as to what his approach would be regarding negotiations and trade following Brexit. Speaking to MPs this morning, Mr Johnson said “Today is the first day of a new approach.” Meaning his route to negotiations for Brexit are expected to be somewhat different to what we have seen from the previous Prime Minister’s efforts.

Where this leaves members of the trade industry is as uncertain as ever, but many are getting their voices heard. The RHA addressed the new Prime Minister, calling upon Boris Johnson to be certain that the free flowing borders and frictionless trade is maintained over the course of the Brexit transition and everything that follows.

Speaking on behalf of the RHA, Richard Burnett said: “It’s vital for UK businesses that Mr Johnson ensures that firms can continue to move goods freely across our borders once we leave the EU.”

Mr Burnett also described the increased concerns as the Government had provided no sense of clarity to businesses as to how the transition over the course of Brexit would impact their trade. This is one aspect of the Government’s approach that the RHA as well as many other members of the industry hope will not be repeated.

“We urge the Prime Minister to ensure that his Government puts the right systems in place and gives firms the support they need to continue transporting freight efficiently.” He concluded.

In addition to this, the new PM addressed concerns with road quality across the country. He briefly summed up his plan to invest into the country’s roads to improve their quality. Mr Johnson said he intends to “invest massively” describing his strong belief that mass-transit public transport has a huge part to play in the future of Britain’s road infrastructure.
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