RHA demands consideration for haulage industry

Published: 19 November 2019

RHA demands consideration for haulage industry
The RHA has spoken out regarding the upcoming election, stating that if MPs want the support of truckers and other members of the logistics industry, haulage should be at the heart of pledges for transport within their manifestos.

In a published document, the RHA clarified on some of the key areas which should take the focus in policies for parties that they would endorse: Transition to net zero, Skills shortage, Infrastructure investment – roads and lorry parking, Fuel duty, Brexit.

Chief Exec at the RHA, Richard Burnett said he will be working closely with the Government to tackle many of the issues the transport industry is currently facing. Mentioning the major issues for the industry and the obstacles it faces to stay competitive on an international scale.

One of the factors claimed to be contributing was the lack of quality in UK roads. With increasing demand for an efficient road network, Burnett made it clear any party that endorses more development and progress for the roads would be considered for the RHAs support. The routes are vital for lorry drivers who make goods journeys on a daily basis.

Regarding fuel duty, which remains the highest in Europe, he stated: “An essential user rebate of around 15 pence per litre to bring the UK into line with Germany would reduce operating costs and make British firms more attractive in the domestic and international markets.”

The next Government has the expectation of achieving net zero carbon targets, along with matching the demands and requirements of drivers and their businesses. Burnett called for a review of the “ill-considered” DEFRA Clean Air Zone, which currently penalizes hauliers with a daily charge for delivering goods into the capital city of London.

A new government must make pragmatic plans to achieve net zero carbon targets which meet the needs of people and businesses. He called for a review into the ‘ill-considered’ DEFRA Clean Air Zone Framework which sees hauliers hit with £100 daily charges for delivering into city centres.

Another point highlighted was reforming the apprenticeship levy, attracting a new generation to the haulage industry to tackle the inevitable driver shortage – which currently stands at 60,000. The current apprenticeship standards do not match some of the needs from haulage firms or cover the costs for the training of soon-to-be drivers.

Burnett also restated the RHA’s demands for a reasonable deal and appropriate transition period: “Firms breathed a sigh of relief that a damaging ‘no-deal’ was averted last month but the uncertainty continues. The new government must do everything it can to get business ready for the UK’s departure.”
Only time will tell if any of the candidates can match the RHA’s terms and gain their endorsement to benefit members of the haulage industry.
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