RHA: Lack of awareness with Brexit contingency plans raise concerns for truckers

Published: 08 July 2019

RHA: Lack of awareness with Brexit contingency plans raise concerns for truckers
Speaking on behalf of the RHA, chief executive Richard Burnett said the ministerial statement on Brexit preparedness which highlighted the movement of “category 1” which includes goods like medicine and emergency supplies needs an improvement on detailing plans when moving European goods across borders as it is clear officials still have no idea what to think.

He said the “no-deal” plans need a major improvement, adding that firms moving goods internationally still have no idea of what kind of requirements they will have to meet. Addressing the Government, Burnett said it is their turn to give clear direction to members of the industry and describe what to expect in the next year with all of the potential Brexit outcomes and how to ideally prepare for them.

Speaking on the matter, Burnett said: “Nothing they’re saying gives us any confidence that their plans are up to scratch and fit to manage the realities of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. Firms are staring at a confusion of unworkable red tape and customs arrangements which cannot cope with demand.”

Officials claim there are little gaps between the information available to the government and that which is accessible to the public as well as businesses who need to be aware of the important information as soon as possible to prepare their businesses ready for departure from the EU on October 31st. “The Government simply hasn’t done enough.” Burnett concluded.

He said for the trucks to continue flow across borders following the UK’s departure from the EU, businesses need to be made aware of some of the cautions they could need to take when overcoming the costs of Brexit, otherwise there could be potential consequences for smaller firms across the country if further awareness isn’t raised – which could be disastrous for plenty of hauliers on a national scale.

A solution will need to be developed and introduced if the government hope to maintain the movement of goods at its current standard if they wish to get medicines, supplies and food where it is needed.
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