RHA urges MP Gove to keep goods flowing across Channel

Published: 31 July 2019

RHA urges MP Gove to keep goods flowing across Channel
The RHA has called upon MP Michael Gove to act urgently to ensure that goods can continue to cross borders with free-flow if the country is lead into a “No deal” Brexit. Meaning the impact of Brexit on smaller businesses would be less severe and cause fewer delays for hauliers.

A letter was written and sent directly to the cabinet minister currently overseeing Brexit plans. In the letter, Richard Burnett, chief executive of the RHA explained some of the measures they would suggest to handle the increased volume of goods that would need to be moved under different terms as customs controls come into place at the end of October, the due date for Brexit.

In the letter, Burnett pressured the government to:
  • Produce clear guidance on how the whole end-to-end journey will operate
  • Open and authorise new and substantial customs facilities for transit
  • Introduce consolidated and simplified import safety & security declaration system
  • Launch emergency and free online customs training for traders
  • Make lorry holding facilities such as Operation Brock fit for purpose
  • Abolish the 22 percent tariff on new trucks
Burnett described the frustration the association feels as the Government continues to provide a lack of explanations in regards to Brexit preparations and that some of the officials within government do not value or understand the complex needs and demands of international road haulage.

Speaking on the matter, Burnett expressed: “We need to focus on the immediate action required for our industry to be prepared….the priority is very simple – to maximise the number of freight vehicles that can cross the border quickly to ensure the supply chain everyone is reliant upon can continue.”

The RHA claims if the government act based on their suggestions it would be of huge benefit to the entire industry, international trade as well as making the route across the Channel much simpler and more efficient, even in a “No Deal” scenario.

Avoiding some of the overwhelming consequences from a no deal Brexit should be one of the government’s top priorities to maintain the set standard across the haulage industry. In the coming months, the RHA will be communicating with the Government in an effort to have the average haulier’s voice heard as the deadline for Brexit comes ever closer.
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