RHA welcomes Brake report into driver distractions

Published: 18 January 2013

RHA welcomes Brake report into driver distractions
The Road Haulage Association has welcomed the report published today by road safety campaign group Brake which highlights the inescapable fact that people who drive for a living are risking both their own life as well as those of other road users by texting, grooming and speeding while behind the wheel.
“There can be no excuse for engaging in any of these practices while driving”, said RHA Chief Executive Geoff Dunning. “
We deplore this type of behaviour, whether from the driver of a car or a heavy goods vehicle. It puts the driver, other road users and pedestrians at risk. The consequences of such actions as texting, brushing hair, shaving, using a computer, mobile phone while driving can be absolutely catastrophic. The consequences for those who flout the regulations regarding safe driving practice must be made to face the consequences.
“For the HGV drivers, their cab is their place of work and the safety record for such drivers is excellent,” Geoff Dunning continued. “Regrettably, there are a minority who ignore the rules and they only serve to bring the rest of the industry and its workforce into disrepute. We are encouraged that the RHA’s own Training facility has a steady stream of drivers taking part in what has now become mandatory refresher driver training courses.
Regrettably, there will always be exceptions to these rules and the Association firmly believes that those caught and convicted of any offence that puts other road users in danger, whether by unsafe driving or, for example, tampering with tachograph devices, should face the harshest sentence possible under current legislation. Only then will it act as a deterrent for others.
SOURCE: rha.uk.net
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