Road haulage carbon emissions

Published: 16 May 2014

Road haulage carbon emissions
Road Haulage Carbon Emissions have compiled a resource for Fleet Operators and Drivers in relation to Road Haulage Carbon Emissions. We have researched into carbon emission data and brought together a variety of techniques for reducing road haulage emissions.

Our detailed PDF provides information on ways to lower emissions and fuel usage along with the benefits they can produce for your company.

There are many methods that a driver can incorporate when travelling which can help to significantly reduce fuel consumption, such as effective use of cruise control and not filling up the tank to the brim. Additionally there are becoming more technological advancements to aide fuel efficiency. The correct fitting of air deflectors can lead to an average fuel consumption of 10% whilst automated manual transmissions can results in 7-10% reduction in CO2 emissions.

For more useful information and details you can read our full PDF resource here.

Author Bio

Road Haulage Carbon Emissions PDF resource was written by Richard Newbold, Managing Partner of, the UK’s leading road haulage marketplace. You can follow Richard on Google+.

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