Solar powered cat’s eyes on the M6

Published: 14 December 2012

Solar powered cat’s eyes on the M6
A £390,000 Scheme to light up lanes on the M6 with solar-powered cat’s eyes has now been completed.
The solar-powered road studs run on batteries which are charged during daylight and are brighter and more efficient than traditional cat’s eyes.  3,300 cat’s eyes have been installed between junctions 17 at Sandbach and 18 at Middlewich.
Highways Agency (HA) claim they make it easier to differentiate between lanes when travelling at night or in poor weather conditions. 
HA project sponsor, Matthew Loxton said:  “The use of new, solar-powered road studs will provide greater illumination of the road lanes and further contribute to road safety in what is an unlit, rural section of the motorway network. Drivers should already have noticed the difference.”
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