Solar-powered vehicles to debut in Europe

Published: 18 February 2019

Solar-powered vehicles to debut in Europe
A new solar powered vehicle is being prepared for release in Europe, providing a truly unique design that many manufactures could take note of and learn from when designing future eco-friendly vehicles.

The vehicle is battery-powered, receiving endorsement from crowdfunding the car known as the Sion is set to hit Europe’s roads in 2019. The current plans involve the vehicle being “free” to drive. Sono Motors in Germany is currently completing tests for its electric vehicle which they hope to have on the roads as soon as possible.

The vehicle’s surface is covered in solar panels, meaning a limited amount of recharge can be completed on a daily basis if drivers were to simply park the vehicle outside at a location where light from the sun could reach it.

Research from the World Economic Forum stated that the solar concept for the vehicle is a great approach to resolve the issue of a convenient means of charging an electrical vehicle. With a 250km range, the vehicle can reach to around 155 miles in a recharge. This doesn’t reach Tesla’s vehicle, which can drive over 300 miles before needing a recharge. However, 155 miles in a single recharge is still higher than other commercial electrical vehicles on the market.

This car would be ideal for commuters, able to recharge out in the open while sitting outside an office. At full power, the fully charged 35KwH battery could power your home for up to 7 days according to Sono Motors. With the hopes the vehicle will pass regulatory measures, the vehicle will be available in the market in Europe by the end of 2019.

However, this isn’t the only vehicle of its kind. Similar competition includes a Dutch company taking further steps with the Lightyear One, a vehicle that ups the solar factor and range when compared to the Sion. This vehicle is due to release in 2020 with further advancements and improvements yet to be made.

This could be a vital part of technology in the future with vehicles, being an environment-friendly and cost effective way to power vehicles. With some years of development, could the future of trucking be solar power? Imagine if trucks could be charging through solar power while a drop-off is being completed or the driver takes a break. 
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