Tesla set to unveil electric HGV

Published: 18 September 2017

Tesla set to unveil electric HGV
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Many are anticipating that the globally successful firm will be unveiling an electrical HGV next month.

Previous plans stated that the vehicle could also launch the same month.
During 2016 Elon Musk, chief exec of the company discussed their desire to reach out beyond cars and expand on their range and branches.
The entrepreneur has mentioned his excitement for the firm to reach out to the trucking industry, with the concept of solely battery-powered heavy goods vehicles that can compete with conventional vehicles.
In a statement Musk revealed that an “unveil and test ride” for the revolutionary vehicle was scheduled intently on October 26th in California.
"Worth seeing this beast in person. It's unreal," he tweeted.
The firm announced their plans and ambitions for future vehicles to be more economical, including the planned HGV in 2016.
The demand is constantly increasing for firms to switch out heavy-polluting vans/lorries to vehicles that not only meet an economical standard: but remove the dangers of fuels from the equation entirely as more countries plan to “go green” leading to punishment or banning of diesel/petrol vehicles.
In the UK and France specifically, the Government revealed plans to entirely dispose of diesel/petrol vehicles by 2040 meaning those vehicles will no longer be available to purchase and will be disappearing from the roads, replaced by vehicles that are powered solely by electricity.
Many expect America to follow the UK’s lead, with many firms successful in the US such as Volvo and Honda are developing all-new electrical ranges in order to compete with Tesla’s new series of more affordable electric vehicles. Meanwhile, President Trump’s administration continue to relax the US laws on emissions standards, with less governing towards greenhouse emissions.
In Japan, there are now more electrical charging points than fuel stations.
In addition to this, Tesla continue to work on self-driving technology.
In what is quickly becoming a highly competitive area for development in commercial transport, the technology developments are also being perused by co-corporations such as Uber Technologies and Alphabet Inc’s Waymo, whom we could also see introduce a range of electrical vehicles in the coming years.
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