TfL road safety regulations could damage haulage industry

Published: 20 May 2019

TfL road safety regulations could damage haulage industry
The RHA has spoken out regarding local safety standards, which are having a negative impact on the haulage industry and damaging trade for drivers as well as the movement of goods across the country within cities and towns that are enforcing regulations that benefit local members of the community, but make travel much more challenging for HGV drivers on the road.

Transport for London has launched their next phase of consultation for the Direct Vision Standard, which is set to categorise lorry drivers based on how well they can see the environment around them on London’s streets while driving in their cab. The worse their vision is, the more the driver will suffer additional costs or lack of access if the vehicle is deemed with too low vision for the driver at the wheel.

The RHA mentioned that while this scheme is their biggest concern for hauliers, with the treatment of drivers not being considered while developing these regulations, they also expressed concern that many other local authorities have taken to imposing their own rules on the sector which could have dire unseen consequences for many businesses across the country.

Speaking regarding the RHA’S concerns, Chief Executive Richard Burnett stated lorries that operate on a national and international scale deserve to be regulated depending on those bases, rather than what the current scheme set forward for proposal by Transport for London suggests.
He went on to say “We fully support the drive to improve safety, but we need the right measures delivered in the right way. DVS and other locally devised policies such as clean air zone charging are a huge concern for an industry which needs and deserves cohesive regulation.”

As it stands, members of the RHA feel that these terms aren’t fair to lorry drivers. Safety on the roads is incredibly important, but it should be handled in a way that maintains respect for the drivers, in addition to satisfying the demands from local residents in these areas. 

While many drivers anxiously await the outcome, the RHA plans to deliver a full response to the consultation before the deadline on May 23rd, so Transport for London could have a better idea on how to deliver regulations that benefit the safety in local areas without having a major impact on business.
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