THINK! Don’t drink drive this Christmas

Published: 13 December 2012

THINK! Don’t drink drive this Christmas
Issuing fresh new warnings over drink driving, THINK! and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) are joining forces this Christmas.
In a bid to stop people getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, THINK! and ACPO are warning that drink driving could see people behind bars this Christmas.
To highlight the consequences of drink driving, a hard-hitting television advert will be shown throughout December as part of the Department for Transport’s THINK! Christmas drink drive campaign.
Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond said: “Drivers should be in no doubt that if they get behind the wheel after drinking this Christmas, they risk losing their licence as well as facing a fine and even a prison sentence.”
“Christmas should be a time for a celebration not a night in the cells. That is why our TV advert reminds drivers of the consequences of a drink drive conviction.”
“In 2011, 280 people were killed in accidents where the driver was over the limit. Our message is clear: Do not let a selfish decision ruin your life or someone else’s.”
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