Time for truckers to get fit!

Published: 21 May 2019

Time for truckers to get fit!
As a truck driver, it’s very easy to let yourself go. Despite driving for long days, for weeks on end and coming home incredibly exhausted – there’s little movement or exercise (unless you include jumping in or out of your cabin as you start/end your journey). Thanks to this, it’s much tougher to find the time or even the motivation to hit the gym when you finally have a minute to rest.

Maybe you’ve had a New Year’s Resolution a few times to get fitter or lose some weight but due to the nature of your job, it just isn’t possible or as easy as others experience in their roles, having the spare time to exercise. 

Fear not, as Mercedes believes they have developed the perfect solution for truck drivers who need to get fit but can’t find the time due to the nature of the job on the road. Introducing the new in-cab exercise kit. As you can guess from the name, it’s the perfect kit to develop your own personal workout, in your own cabin!

Following research carried out by the truck manufacturer, on average, European truck drivers have 25 sick days per annum, which is considered to be significantly higher compared to office workers or similar roles. They explained “Office workers are able to go to the gym after work, but truck drivers can’t.”

The kit includes regeneration balls as well as elastic tension bands, along with a training video to show drivers what type of workout would best suit them. There are 33 exercises available on the training video – these exercises are set to manage and boost blood flow within the drivers, as well as improving their own well-being.
The pack is set to go on sale later this year at the price of €70. If you know a driver who wants to exercise, but can’t ever find the time – it could be the ideal Christmas gift when it releases later in the year. If successful, drivers could develop a much healthier lifestyle overall meaning their sick days could be reduced, saving the industry costs and benefiting their own health.

With this pack in your cabin, maybe your new year’s resolution for 2020 will come true!
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