Truck drivers to trial fatigue-monitoring cap

Published: 03 January 2019

Truck drivers to trial fatigue-monitoring cap
A new cap can record data on the levels of fatigue felt by the average lorry driver, the new technology is being tested by the Queensland Trucking Association who believe the technology will prove beneficial to drivers and firms alike in an effort to prevent incidents due to tiredness or fatigue. The technology is also being trialled by the Port of Brisbane.

As one of the busiest ports in Australia, they annually handle around 1.22 million containers. The new “SmartCap” monitors an individual’s electrical activity in their brain and can detect and record how aware they are while on the road.

With multiple firms involved in trials, an estimated 60 drivers will be wearing the caps during trials to see how well the technology works and how it could be beneficial to the transport industry.

CEO of the QTA, Gary Mahon spoke on the matter “It’s exciting to trial the use of this product at the Port of Brisbane. The port roads have a high number of heavy vehicles using their network, making it an ideal location for the pilot.”

The SmartCap has its own app, from which workers can track their fatigue as it takes place. The app also has alerts, making warnings with notifications – meaning workers won’t need to avert their eyes from the road to be aware of their fatigue or keep track of how tired they are.

Fatigue has been identified as a “key safety issue” on the roads for drivers, the cap was introduced as part of a project named: Heavy Vehicle Safety Around Ports.

Investment in the project was provided by the Heavy Vehicle Initiative fund, which focuses on benefiting the haulage industry within the Commonwealth. Over 30 Road-focused projects in Australia have received an investment of 11.6 million Australian dollars.
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